AC Maintenance | Just how to Prep Your Air Conditioning for Warm Weather Condition

  1. Clean & Remove Particles

An A/C device that’s been out of usage for a few months is most likely to have some dust as well as particles on or inside of it. Leaves, grass trimmings, weeds, or branches must be carefully swept away and eliminated from any type of openings or vents. Visually look for any tiny animals that may have nested inside throughout the wintertime, as well as if everything’s clear, ensure to turn the “on” switch if your system has one.

  1. Inspect Cooling Agent Levels

The major factor for inspecting cooling agent levels is to see if there’s a leakage. An A/C system with inadequate refrigerant can end up being an unnecessary cost if you need to keep refilling it. And also, if your air conditioning breaks down due to low refrigerant, you’ll have to place in more time and effort for uneasy repair service during a heatwave.

  1. Adjustment Your Air Filter

You might be shocked by the number of people who forget this straightforward step, yet even if it’s slipped your mind, springtime is a blast to place in a new air filter. You will not just make certain not to have any of 2014’s dirt or dust flowing via your residence, yet a new one will certainly also be extra effective and cost-effective. Guarantee you have the proper size and strategy to exchange it out as soon as per season.

  1. Examine Electrical Wiring & Plugs

It does without stating that your cooling won’t do you a lot great if it’s having trouble obtaining power. Before you transform it on, inspect around for any wear or damage indicators in electric wiring, specifically links on the outside system that weather conditions could damage. If you see any type of fractured or broken insulation or links, cut the power to your system and call a licensed ac maintenance for aid.


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